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We make getting a quotation easy. Provide us with the lengths of handrails, or for French Balconies, the width of the structural opening. If you only have an approximate measurement, no problem, our quotation will be adjusted when final dimensions are available. In some cases we ask for drawings or photographs to ensure our quotations are accurate and represent exactly what you will need. Our aim is to reply with a quotation as rapidly as possible. We like to keep our quotations in writing to you to avoid any confusion.

Geographic coverage

We will deliver to any country in the world.

Technical Information

We offer our system in 4 standard colors (white, clear anodized, light bronze and Imperial chrome) and you can also special order it in a multitude of other colors to help you better match your project design and color scheme. Our system has been designed to find a perfect balance between safety, design and function.

Our system can span quite a distance without the need for posts, due in part to a sturdy smooth rounded handrail that adds strength to the system and also provides a comfortable surface to rest your arms. We offer two types of system each with a different handrail and post system. These two systems, Clearviews System 1 and 2 are the same in price but just offer a choice for your individual tastes and design.

We supply all railing components including handrails, bottom rails, any posts needed, brackets, gaskets and glass.

We do not supply the fastenings (bolts/screws used to fix to the wall, structure or floor). Fastenings depend on what the railing is being fastened to, and need to be specified by your engineer, contractor or installer.

Posts: If your span is of a distance where posts are needed, we will provide you with these. We use galvanized steel posts for extra lateral strength. These posts are covered by a sleek aluminum sleeve which connects to the handrail. Some prefer to install the steel posts and then lay the final decking or paving to obscure the base plates for a cleaner look.

Bottom Rails: The bottom rail gets fastened down to the surface below and is what helps to hold the glass panels in place. We can provide packing shims for water runoff if needed.

Building Codes

Our railings products meet the criteria laid out in IBC Section 1013 GUARDS and IBC 1067.1 Handrails and guards. The glass we use in our railing systems exceeds the standard specified in IBC Section 2407 GLASS IN HANDRAILS AND GUARDS.

Ordering procedure and payment

Standard size French Balconies Full payment is required prior to shipping. If goods are in stock, we send an order confirmation and technical drawings for signature. Once these are returned, we organize delivery of your French Balconies.

Railings and custom-made French Balcony orders Once you have accepted our quotation we will send you an Order Confirmation which contains the details of your order and our contractual agreement.

We request a 30% deposit prior to initiating your order. Once we have received your Order Confirmation with your signature of approval and deposit, your order is passed to the Technical department. The Technical department will work with you and obtain any information necessary for them to produce a manufacturing drawing of your order.

To ensure complete confidence and accuracy, the Technical department will send you the manufacturing drawings for your review and approval. At this point we will make any adjustments to the drawings needed until you are satisfied. Once you have signed our technical drawings and attested to their accuracy, only then do we proceed with manufacturing. At this stage we guarantee that your railings will be manufactured and delivered within 6 weeks from your signed drawings.

Site visits

With our system of drawings, confirmations and approvals, we deem site visits unnecessary. If you feel a site visit is necessary you may talk to one of our customer contact staff to have the matter reviewed.


Once your order is completed in manufacturing we will work out the cost of delivery to your area and will contact you to work out details of delivery. Upon receipt of payment for delivery and the 70% balance of your order, we will ship your completed order to you.


Our systems have been manufactured deliberately with ease of installation in mind. As a result there has been an abundance of positive feedback from the thousands of private owners who have purchased our systems, on how straightforward they are to install.

Some private owners choose to install our systems themselves and others use professional installers or tradesmen. We provide written installation instructions and also a video tutorial on how our systems are installed. We recommend professional installation to ensure the quality of installation and safety.

Depending on your area we can sometimes recommend installers for our system.

We do not provide fastenings to attach our system to your structure as surfaces, material and circumstances vary. Please consult your installer, contractor, or structural engineer.