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Clearviews curved sliding doors are our premium product. They add elegance and beauty and inject that “wow factor” into any property, whilst providing an amazing view and letting in an abundance of natural light. We have taken a product, which normally could only be afforded by the luxury house market and made it affordable to a broader spectrum of people.

The moment you lay your hands on our sliding doors system you can feel right away that only the highest quality materials and advanced engineering were employed. From the peace of mind of our robust multi-point locking system and door hardware, to the smooth glide of the doors over our tough, high-grade stainless steel wheel track. You'll know right away that the only corners cut here were on the price. Our system can be manufactured to match your existing curve and length down to a very tight radius. We offer a multitude of color options so you can blend our system in with your existing structure.

At Clearviews we care about the environment and saving energy and resources. Our doors come standard with the most advanced energy saving features without any extra costs to you. For instance we use a thermally broken frame which acts to reduce the transfer of hot or cold through the frame itself. Our doors come standard in dual pane, Low E glass that also helps to reduce the transfer (loss or gain) of temperature. This combination makes for a very energy efficient system that will save you energy and thus money.

If you're not excited by the system and all its amazing features, you will be by how inexpensively you can get one. This combined with our fast, friendly and efficient customer service brings us to say SEE what you've been missing.