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Royal Chrome - Stainless Steel but BETTER

Balcony systems offers a proprietary finished for their glass balustrades called “Royal Chrome”. “Royal Chrome” is almost identical in appearance to polished stainless steel but with a vast amount of advantages.

The development of this special finish came from clients’ requests to have the advantages of the maintenance free “Balcony Glass Balustrade System” and the still have the smart look of stainless steel.

The Royal Chrome finish is a true breakthrough in technology.

So why reinvent “Stainless Steel”?

Well let’s start off with a bit of information.

If we forgo for a moment the fact the stainless steel is very expensive as a material, there are technical factors as well. Stainless steel is a very general term for type of metal that does not “rust”. In reality lower grade stainless steel (304 grade) will mark within days of exposure to the elements and is not recommended for use in coastal areas and high grade or “marine” grade (316) will also mark unless highly polished. But the real weakness in the use of stainless steel on external handrails and balconies are the joints, welds and connections, these are the areas that will mark first. The professionalism of the fabricator and correct use of correct materials for the welds, joints and polishing thereof are critical to the longevity of the product. Those who know how to do this properly and use the correct grade of materials will achieve a good result but this is the “high cost” end of the stainless steel market.

So why “Royal Chrome”?

If you look around you today at all new buildings and facades you will see that the number one material being used is Anodized Aluminium. Curtain walls, cladding, doors, windows, balconies and fascias are all being specified to be made with Anodized aluminium.

Why is this so?

Definition: Aluminium Anodizing: Anodizing is an electrolytic process for producing controlled aluminium oxide films on aluminium. The anodizing process produces a coating which is uniform, much harder, and denser than natural oxidation. It is formed by converting the surface of the part both with a penetration and a build-up of aluminium oxide. Unlike paint, which can flake off if not applied properly, anodized finishes are actually formed from the original material and cannot flake off. The aluminium oxide finish is very hard and exceptionally wear resistant.

The “Royal Chrome” finish gives you the best of both worlds, the look of stainless steel without the associated problems and the longevity, durability and consistency of anodized aluminium. The product is virtually maintenance free.